8 lbs 5 oz Smallmouth Bass

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HUGE smallmouth. This massive bronzeback measured 23 1/4 inches in length, and 17 1/8 inches in girth.


TheCheaterFilms says:

i hate to disagree, but in this case that thing does look like the weight and length said in the video.

rngrchad says:

My father caught a 7.2 lb smallmouth out of Lake Erie 3 weeks ago. It measured 23 1/4″. Biggest smallmouth I’ve ever seen. What did that fish measure?

bigbaittoon says:

5lbs tops. Get a life

bmwnfishingrox says:

It’s not a bad fish at all, but I wouldn’t call that huge! Exaggeration about size don’t work these days .

aajurina80 says:

I caught a little over 5lbs 19¾ inches up at Lake Erie. Awesome!

MrAnguswangus says:

lol…I see that you’ve been threatening to reupload for months now…LOL! Go ahead you liar, we’re waiting!

MrAnguswangus says:

He was calling it 8 lbs as he was reeling it in…lol. That fish is 5 lbs. Also, 24″?…lol…not quite! I’ve been fishing for smallmouth bass for 30 years…caught many many 5 pounders just like it. Nevertheless, nice fish!


Maybe 6 lbs

Izzy-bella Frieder says:

Oh yeah! Go Wisconsin!

EFSBMX says:

how did he know the stats before he landed it?

Venom011 says:

Yeah, I say do it!

Venom011 says:

NIce fish indeed, but 8 pounds?

GITZIT2112 says:


TheGermanshepherd101 says:

Loookkksss lk bill dance

shanroonqaz says:


cattleman82 says:

everybody 2 states over would have heard me screamin if i landed that sow, dman

Yevkasem1417 says:

lol did you mean “WEIGHED 5 pounds you idiots?

remobeater says:

That’s very inaccurate, especially for Largemouth. For the same length you can have a thin 20″ largemouth that weighs 3.5lbs and a real pig with lots of forage can be as big as 8lbs for the same length. If you have a formula that considers girth it will be much more accurate.

morganlea361 says:

To all the haters:

The basic formula for calculating the weight of a largemouth bass or smallmouth bass is: length x length x length divided by 1600.

So 7 to 8 lbs is correct.

Nice catch.

12marcusmunoz says:

That’s a 1

garrett turck says:

it didn’t way that much it maybe waged 5 pounds you idiots

smallmouthbasss says:

yeah this video a bust, ive caught several 5 lbs class smallys and this is no where near 8 and no more than 6.5 . i dont care how many times he measured it. it was never weighed on a certefied scale! dont put half turuths and whole lies on here just makes you look foolish to 100,000s of people……

KramerProAxer says:

23 1/4 x 17 1/8 = “a fat 4”? LMAO!

TheFishingManiacs says:

Maybe a fat 4 no where near 8 bud keep dreamin

James Mann says:

It’s one thing to say that was an 8 pounder if you it got away but you held it in your hand. Not even close to your claims.

FSUNole05 says:

Thats a 6 pounder at best. Alot of exaggeraters out there.

Bronzeback2007 says:

I suppose I should re-upload this video, including where Joe measures this fish twice before releasing it.

Jeffrey Moon says:

Because I didn’t see the measurement, I don’t believe these numbers stated above. If you want to make claims of catching an epic-sized fish, you better show scales/rulers. Otherwise, it’s another huge–but not epic–catch. Fishing is so full of liars that a “fish tale” became common cliche implying exaggeration.

jmarty0709 says:

I have caught my fair share of 5 and 6 lb smallmouth and that thing is lucky to go 5 1/2.

oswoods5 says:

I live in Alabama and I caught him on Wilson lake on the Tennessee river.

oswoods5 says:

Not to be critical but I don’t think that fish weighs 8 lbs. today I caught a 22 1/4 inch smallmouth that’s was really fat and he only weighed 5 1/2 lbs

ghettodeer22 says:

haha in the pants

andrewbelyew says:

at 42 seconds “thats what she said”

chookie1882 says:

Damn. Pretty close to the state record.

James Tompkins says:

lol … i think .. back in the day

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