Bass Fishing with Topwater Frogs

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Bass fishing with topwater frogs in Minnesota lakes. I share some of my tips and tricks to help you boat more topwater largemouth bass using frogs. A good to…


Cass Caldwell Fishing says:

Great video. Although, I’m not sure that those are largemouth unless they
are some crazy strain. Their mouth does not extend past thier eyes. Some
crazy mix between a spot and largemouth maybe? Also, I just subbed to your
channel, check out mine and sub back if you like what you see. Thx, Cass!

Michael Meleady says:

Breaking that many off is either because of not setting drag properly or
forgetting to re-tie after a few fish. Braid shouldnt break that often.

bassiniowa says:

I would get a different brand or heavier braid because there is something
wrong if you are breaking fish off that much. Maybe its the knot.

chris wilkins says:

were r u

TheRemerCrew says:

Great fish

TheRemerCrew says:

Seriously one of the best fishing videos I have ever seen

LukewarmMusic says:

Your line isn’t breaking…its slipping. You need to use a palomar knot

MrFourJimmy says:

nice boat!

SSGSmithD says:

might be the know, traditional knots will slip with braided lines

Michael Higgins says:

Great video man!

Joshua Wells says:

Topwater bass fishing eposide on the Journal!

sonyyaaj says:

i thought if you catch a snakehead youre not suppose to release it back?…

Franco Bazz says:

ur setting the hook too hard.

david gentry says:

whats the band playing in this video?

hunter guy says:

What pound test line is that? Since it’s braid that has no stretch you need
extremely heavy line when fishing weeds I prefer 60 pound test samurai braid

isaac stewart says:

no it was a bowfin

isaac stewart says:

r u stupid it is not a snakehead it is a bowfin

123derfderf says:

Lol those weeds aren’t even bad Compared to my place thats only a small
patch you could walk on the pads and weeds

Amazing FPS Gameplay says:

Ur line sucks

braden bergman says:

dude why did u put it back u know your supose to kill m ehen u catch m

Tony Peeler says:

I guess snake heads are making their way everywhere. Look em up they
decimate any body of water they are in. If you catch any of these kill them
before putting them back in the water. Great video Joshua, liked it so much
made me subscribe to your channel. Thanks you should be on tv/ btw buy some
new dam line. hehe

Bob M. Tyranny Destroyer says:

You don’t need to set the hook that hard!

Desert Survivor says:

That was a bulleye snake head

Bam Bamm says:

Fuckin’ asshole!

Wilson Guan says:

You suck at fishing

Gavin Freeman says:

With frogs you have to let the fish eat it longer than you are. Great video

james wiedenhoft says:

What kind of braid is that you throwing. spriderwire always did that to me

6825mitchell says:

Great video. Love the enthusiasm

Doug Rennick says:

you seem to be doing well fishing, but your music stinks 🙂

bigg3939 says:

But good footage though

bigg3939 says:

You set the hook way to hard

Gunsnroses fan says:

At 7:37, when you had set the hook on the fish you’d “bent” the hookset to
the right in which the bass hit the frog going left in which you’d reacted
by going left in which the hookpoint connection was lost. I’d seen that
you’d moved when trying to catch the particular bass which is hard to do
when moving and catching a bass. You’ll have to “square-up” for a hookset
with the frog and maintain tight line throughout that time lapse. Hope this
will help..Great video…Keep on Fishin’

Devin Grooms says:

That was a dam mud fish. Yall Some dumasses

MrMengo911 says:

What lake is this in Minnesota?

everythingsfishing says:

GREAT video!

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