Catching Crappies on Minnow Rigs – Panfish Series

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Close Finally ~ it has arrived! Jay Van Dam shares his secret techniques and knowledge he has accumulated for catching huge messes of …


James A says:

Nice crappie been catching them in Tuscaloosa Alabama 11 to 14 1/2 inches
flooded for a few days water back normal pool hittin the river early am
crappie and stripes nice vid

theBassmastrr98 says:

ewwww cowboys :p HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! nice video though

Nick Li says:

Is this Rods in the Dirt? No, this is Jay Van Dam!

JoeandZachSurvival says:

Looks like a great time. The lakes up here in MN are icing over now, the
next time I will get out for crappies wont be untill the ice is safe enough
for ice fishing and I wait untill we can drive the truck out on the ice so
it will be late december early january. Up north there are places where you
can consistanly get 12 to 15 inch slabs when they are biting. This video
has got me excited to get up to the tent as soon as the ice is thick
enough. Thank you. Joe

Joshua Parson says:

Yeah, Jay, just keep holding that poor fish out of the water the ENTIRE
time you talk. Don’t throw him back before talking, wait until you’ve
killed him first.

Lidz says:

those are some small dinks i atch 14-16 inch crappies all day on minnows

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