One of the most popular videos on the internet in regards to simple rigging of plastic lures to catch panfish and bass.  Here it is in all it’s simple glory!
Yes, fishing with fly on local lakes can certainly lead to a lot of fun!  Such was the case on this day, as evidenced by this video.  Enjoy!
Showing that winter in Texas can be quite nice, several bass are caught the day after new year’s 2011!  Looks like fun!
A quite successful day fishing for bass using 3″ shad colored bass assassins.  If only all fishing days could be this productive!
The efficacy of Berkley’s Gulp worms is shown in this video, along with the fisherman’s take on the conditions and certain things to look for and consider.
The author, Michael Guevara, shown fishing a small, man-made lake in the Katy, TX area.  A total of 6 fish were caught this day, but only 3 are shown all caught within 15 minutes of beginning to fish.