Jeff and his buddy Brent hit a small spring influenced river when other area rivers are locked up in ice. Learn how to identify these winter fishing hot spots.
Good Anglers carry a great variety of baits to adapt to the bite. Recently soft swim baits have shown to be highly versatile lures – especially for bass. Al and James Lindner are out in the middle of summer on deep water structures teaching some of their best methods with swim baits.
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Today a friend and I went to our favorite pond to do some spring bass fishing. We caught all largemouth bass on a wacky rig and the SPRO BBZ1 Baby Shad Swimbait. We went to the shallow end of the pond to sight fish for bass, we were walking in the water which was really cool! The water was crystal clear so we could see where all of the bass were and it was the most interesting thing that I’ve ever done fishing. The bass hadn’t started bedding yet, some of the bass were pairing up but I’ll do some [More]
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Open-water largemouth bass, Big Bay, ON – Join Italo as he shows you how to catch largemouth bass using crankbaits and fishing open-water weedbeds. Produced by for Csf 29 02 YouTube
Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Elite Series Emcee Dave Mercer annihilates swamp dwelling largemouth bass on the Livetarget Hollow Body Frog.
Peter meets up with his guests Rob and Mark from New Jersey and takes them tarpon fishing in Government, bass fishing from an airboat in the Everglades and then offshore for some Daytime Swording.
This is the full length episode originally aired on Fox Sports March 11, 2012. Season 6 – Episode 13. Largemouth Bass. James Holst and Tanner Wildes fish the Chippewa Flowage in Wisconsin for midsummer largemouth.