Install of the Yak Attack Panfish Pole. This was very quick and easy to do. Can’t wait to get out and test it! Hopefully some fishing videos are going to be up soon! Thanks for watching! COMMENT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS!!!!
Here’s the first ever Mystery Tackle Box Panfish box, something new MTB started doing this month.
Armed with only a small ice fly, wax worm, slip cork and a bobber stop … I put the hurt on over 50 panfish this day. Couldn’t share all the footage so I am sharing some of the better ones. #superfun!
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Professional angler and fishing guide, Matt Johnson (, visited Thorne Brothers in Blaine, MN to spend an evening talking about panfish–namely the transition between ice fishing and open water. Everything from locations, to presentation choices, to hot tips for fishing pressured lakes!
Berkley gulp minnow / Rage tail crappie grub /
Fishing springtime panfish in back bays.
Italo Labignan, the host of Canadian Sportfishing, goes through how to clean and prepare fish for a great meal. Produced by for Csf 24 21 Tip 5
Carter Brinkman and Jack Schwartz got out for the first time on the ice a few weeks ago seeking panfish. Fish were stacked up in 16 feet and were hitting spo…