Fly Fishing For Bluegill

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I go fishing in my local golf course pond for brim.


bobnijaman23 says:

Try worm dirt with a popper

Sam Miller says:

Thanks for the feedback man! i agree wiith you on the wolley worms in the spring, they kill the bluegill!

angelo69jes says:

In the winter right now for Gills, I like to use pheasant tail nymphs and slate drake (wet) also wolley worms are deadly during the spring! Nice video!

Sam Miller says:

Nice man! I’ve never tried spiders before, thanks for watching!

Fishingmichigan22 says:

nice vid dude. I always fly fish for bluegills for fun with my hand tied spiders

Sam Miller says:

thanks man, it really is fun, even the smallest fish puts up a nice fight, bass fishing is awesome on it, thanks for watching!

madmatt32192 says:

Nice man! never tried fly fishing, just never went out to take the time to learn how, but seems like it would be fun. Nice video

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