Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass St. Louis River

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Fly fishing smallmouth bass on the St. Louis River near Duluth, MN and Superior, WI. June, 2009. Testing out the new 8 weight Redington Predator Fly Rod. We were just out messing around with my new Sony HD video cam and learning to use Sony’s Vegas video editing software.


beerandflyfishing says:

Why are you picking up the fish by the body with a dry hand? This removes their protective slime, exposing them to infection. I expected this from a bait slinger, not a fellow fly fisherman. Otherwise, nice vid.

niess744 says:

What should I use for smalmouth ?

TheNorthernStar218 says:

I live right in west duluth. i wanna learn how to fly fish those are some monsters

cianw10 says:

When you notice you get a bite, are you supposed to yank the line or something to make sure they stay hooked?

jwmckin08 says:

0:50 Were you trying to catch a turtle? lol

jwmckin08 says:

It’s so much for fun to fly fish for smallmouth than to spin fish for them.

wildphototaker says:

i think i heard allman bros in the background. I did. nice.

drake daly says:

use sharper hooks lol

Brett Miller says:

i have been fishing since i was knee high to a grasshopper lover fishing in general and picked up fly fishing 3 years ago and i love it theres nothing like catching a nice bass on a fly ro bass bluegill there a blast my favorite thing to do is on a hot summer night when the may flies are out is to throw top water plugs its a blast fly fishing is more about the enjoyment then to go out and catch the biggist and the most great video

amzingfishing says:

nice video check out my channel

fishify16 says:

try to set the hook by pulling the line

bfishball23 says:

That looks fun! Its easier to land fish with wooly buggers though.

Tyler Kaenthongrath says:

nice catch!!! i love fly fishing even when i just catch some small fish, a few weeks ago i caught my first good size bass on a fly, it was a 16 inch, 3 pound large mouth

bassfishermn95 says:

hey! i love your videos and i’m jealous you’re catching smallies all i have down here in Florida are Large mouths and Snakeheads 🙁 i had a big bass on my fly rod it slammed my fly i don’t know what type of fly it was it was green and looked like a big fluffy catapillar but wasnt a wooly bugger fly… need some help finding out what it was! it was a gift… by the way the bass snappen my line 🙁

buddybleau says:

The reason some people prefer fly fishing to conventional methods is the challenge. Just like some people prefer sailing to motor boating, the challenge. A stinkpot motor boat is easy to just point and go but sailing means using your brains. Same with fly fishing. You have to know how to spot the right place’s to fish, also you make it look real, unlike baiting a hook and sitting there waiting for something to come along and eat it. Depends how much challenge you want. Like checkers or chess.

FEPSO says:

hehehehehe….yes! sir!

huntinandfishin321 says:

What bait are you using?

thenewworld264 says:

Gotta love that one moment whrn your lure dissapears and you feel that line go tight

jtt10315 says:

i was thinking the same thing then i baught a cheap one at walmart and im gonna start saving for a more expensive one its alot of fun catchin largemouth bass and 6 oz bluegill is amazing you should invest

James Wishart says:

Great action there! keep em comin

MegaHammer97 says:

what kind of fly should you use for small mouth bass?

flytyerman says:

Hi nice video! i love fly fishing for bass! it is fun, icaught a 3 pounder the other day!
ps can someone please look at my channel? i would really apreciate it 😉 please suscribe

zachschevelle says:

What song is this? Sounds like the Allman bros maybe? Nice fishing, by the way!

EricRuGG says:

Anyone see the bunny at 00:55  ???

chris catalano says:

oh thanks man my dad is going to help teach me and I am very excited. Can’t wait to get out there! 🙂

mnflyfishing says:

The key to any fishing is that you having fun doing it. Fly fishing is not meant to replace other types of fishing, just another way to fish. I encourage to find someone that is willing to help and share some fly fishing knowledge with you. Once you hook your first fish on the long rod, you’ll be hooked. This day I missed a few fish, but I’m having a blast doing it 🙂 It’s called fishing for reason and not catching 🙂 Take care and tight lines!

chris catalano says:

Your getting so many bites but they aren’t staying on. Just wondering, should i invest in fly fishing because it looks fun and i heard it gets more results than normal rod fishing.

stipeaholic says:

He he he he he YES SIR!!!!

Matt Steck says:

gotta l ve fly fishing

FishFerTrout24 says:

I have always fly fished for trout and would like to get into fly fishing for smallies. It doesnt seem as hard with all that room for casting and not needing to read pockets and currents as much like on a small trout stream. Any advice on how to get started?

skcuf2 says:

I want to fish. Fuck ice

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