How to Use Swim Baits for Largemouth Bass

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Good Anglers carry a great variety of baits to adapt to the bite. Recently soft swim baits have shown to be highly versatile lures – especially for bass. Al and James Lindner are out in the middle of summer on deep water structures teaching some of their best methods with swim baits.


NoOneImportant556 says:

The host guide annoys the piss out of me, you can tell he’s a talker and
knows no wrong. He seems like one of the few types of people I would
probably punch in the mouth after a day or 2.

FlyingNinjaSquirrels says:

I love my swim baits but you can’t go wrong with a blade spinner with
copper blades for dark water and night fishing!

Daniel Gallagher says:

What’s the name of that storm kit with the interchangeable weights?

Pete Pizzurro says:

@wolfmanorfisherman and they say it will appear too bright and unnatural.
Ive always stuck by the clear water/bright colors and I do great. I know
for a fact that when I use a clown color X-Rap on a bright, sunny day and
clear water I kill it. Now that same lure on a cloudy day or slightly murky
water I get zilch.

Pete Pizzurro says:

Heres what I dont get, some anglers say to use bright colors in clear water
and darker colors in stained water. But here they say just the opposite.

Ziggy Livingston says:

the lindners and their nicknames for fish. lol

clueworm82 says:

@Drivinfast247 based on my experience yes you should use brighter colors in
dark water and more natural colors in clear water. This doesnt mean you
have to follow this to catch fish. Example, if its a windy day or cloudy
ill throw bright colors in clear water. Helps the fish see it. However if
youre using a super bright yellow lure in still clear water that may not be
the best thing to use. Try different things as you never know what it is
that will get those fish biting

netefrog says:

@Drivinfast247 It’s all trial and error. Ask 100 different anglers the same
qustion and you’ll get 100 different answers. Find what works on your lake
on your target species.

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