Ice Fishing 2013: Bluegill & Crappies

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Kicking off the 2013 MI ice fishing season with hot first ice action for slab crappies, and bull bluegills! Lots of action in the shallow weed beds. Enjoy! I upload videos every Wednesday, please subscribe! Playlist of my best fishing videos: Facebook: Blog:


Jon Smith says:

What lake were you on?

J.J. Ochsenbein says:

I like it

ConsummateSportsman says:

Thank you very much Karl! I appreciate it.

Fish Mich says:

You do great work tcs, both filming and catching fish!

ConsummateSportsman says:

Thanks Jason!  Same to you!

Jason Hinkley says:

very nice video , tight lines

Talon Jacobson says:

Best Video Ever!

ConsummateSportsman says:

Thank you!

ConsummateSportsman says:

Glad you liked it!

MrFishindude says:

Awesome footage man.

aquaz42 says:

Awesome video!

ConsummateSportsman says:

That’s because I was bummed. I thought I had a record crappie on the line! Haha! As to your question, I run straight 6lb mono. No leader. My bobber rods do double duty for walleyes too. That’s why it’s a little heavier line than most would run for panfish.

6cschultz says:

the best two fishing videos i’ve seen in a long time! well done!! what pound test did u have on your slip bobber???
you looked bummed with the large mouth..

Jake Anderson says:

3:10 your jigging rod was going off.


we are heading out today for out first ice trip of the year – going for bluegills today and if we are lucky maybe get a crappie or bass in the mix.
might make a new ice video if we get into em

Brandon TeKrony says:

Hey! When are you & Mike going to make more ice fishing videos? Those are some of my all time favorite YouTube videos.

UBDSLO1 says:

Splashback awesome!!!

TheFishslayer2000 says:

im a tip man myself…….. =D

12x9Survival says:

nice vid than one thing out ice fishing u never know whats going to come up out of the hole

MichiganAngler says:

Nice vid man, can’t wait to film some ice action my self

ConsummateSportsman says:

Thank you sir.


nice slabs

fishingurban says:

Great channel mate, love the clips. Watching the bobber twitch made me wanna leave work…i mean home and go fishing:o)

ConsummateSportsman says:

Thank you very much!

Krb303 says:

gotta say this…i think your videos are the most well produced on the field as well as edited that are not made for tv. keep it up!

ConsummateSportsman says:

Thanks man!

MixinitupOutdoors says:

Love the camera shots bud… awesome work

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