Ice Fishing Crappie

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4skoolin2learn0 says:

can you guys take me fishing?!? :-)

AP1671 says:

was that a vexilar i saw?

MrDaka420 says:

great crappie action?? oxymoron much

nutson95 says:

Great video, looks like a lot of action and constant fun!

jthowery says:

small crappie… not too shabby

AP1671 says:

now in this vid they’re using vexilars, but in the other vids they use humminbirds, what gives?


hey what baits are u guys using?


baits are u guys using?

huyghe13 says:

nice vid whereh r u

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xesse1 says:

man thats crappie

gikey99 says:

1:18 1:19

TheBigfisher23 says:

i got a question. I fish in southern minnesota adn the lakes here tend to be tinted through out the year. what color jigs would you reccommend?

kansascats1297 says:


stillrob420 says:

@charbcbc ummmm steelhead fight harder than ALL! never forget that!

gali4436 says:

what kinda rods are those? light?

chong vu says:

wheres is this lake located?

nolangreen says:

crappies! (twitch)

jtschid0910 says:

do you guys ever keep any of the fish that you catch. Those were some monsters that you caught

kenny stelter says:

muskie fights better than bass and its hard for me to say that being as big into bass fishing as i am

mmacionk2 says:

Ice fishing seems funny, I wish to do it someday, but were I live there is not even snow, even less frozen lakes at winter XD

EnjoyingLife100 says:

Those fishing pole are cute and a small in sizes.

dino884 says:

crappie don’t get huge those are pretty good ones and is you watch there rod tips there bendign pretty good…

supery81 says:

What about Perch?

shockboy56 says:

awesome video man keep them coming

derron70 says:

oh damn i wish spring would hurry! 4 dozen of them fried in peanut oil and beer batter and a 12 pack of bud dry. that right there is what crappie fishing is all about

Vitos Reiswig says:

you should fish near a dam or a place that has logs sticking up from it and then move farther out, close to a drop off in the water. the lake/reservoir that i fish on, is like your lake it sounds like, so i just fish near the dam, or i fish where i usually get the most snags during the summer because i know that there is some sort of structure there.

duckhunter12ga says:

ice fishing bass lake for slabs never knew

SephynnXx says:

The problem with some of these videos is not every lake is like the ones they fish on. I fish a lake that has relatively no bays, canals, or anything the fish could relate to late ice. So the key is finding out where they spawn and fishing maybe 3-10 feet of water outside of that spawning habitat. And then it can be better at night because small perch and bluegills will not leave the bait alone long enough for crappies to snap on it. Night bite slabs are the cats pajamas of icefishing…

bygone44 says:

lol, 16,651 views and 4 other comments?

FishinMichigan says:

Good stuff.

wad5859 says:

man, that is some nice ice fishing. probably my favorite ice fishing video. and yes, I certainly believe in using fish finders for ice fishing.

tulsa4life says:

wonderful i love it~!

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