Largemouth Bass Shoreline Weeds Crankbait Stragety.

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Open-water largemouth bass, Big Bay, ON – Join Italo as he shows you how to catch largemouth bass using crankbaits and fishing open-water weedbeds.

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Ryan Flewelling says:

Do you have any tips for using crankbaits in the weeds? I find that the
treble hooks often get fouled up by the vegetation. Should I be fishing
beside the weeds (at the break) as opposed to IN the weeds. Are the other
better lures to use in the thick stuff? Thanks in advance.

ohshititsme says:

Italo… Just starting out using my own baitcaster, what’s the minimum
crankbait weight to throw? I’m using a 3/8 I think… It doesn’t go too
far…? Help a brother out 

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