Professional angler and fishing guide, Matt Johnson (, visited Thorne Brothers in Blaine, MN to spend an evening talking about panfish–namely the transition between ice fishing and open water. Everything from locations, to presentation choices, to hot tips for fishing pressured lakes!
Berkley gulp minnow / Rage tail crappie grub /
Ice fishing underwater view of jigging bluegill
There aren’t too many videos on Youtube of Bluegill fishing at Lake Murray in San Diego, CA so I thought I’d add this one. Probably add another one on a better day with better fish.
My 3 year old daughter catches a handful of bluegills and a surprise bass fishing with the classic bobber/splitshot/hook/night crawler setup.. This was her 1st time hands on fishing and I couldn’t be more proud! Take kids fishing any chance you can!!!
Dan fishes for bluegill in the early spring, a few weeks after ice out, and before spawning season. Fish are holding on drop offs, near their winter holding areas, and just along their future spawning areas. Terminal ice tackle is used below a float.
Just Goof’n around! Fishing for bluegill @ lake perris, CA
Took the kayak out after work today and did some fishing with the Strike King Bitsy Minnow. Bluegill, Sunfish, and Bass love this lure!
My favorite way to clean, fry, and eat crappie!
Justin Morgan with explains in a short clip one effective way to rig a live minnow to catch Crappie!