“Spring” Time Largemouth in January

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Jeff and his buddy Brent hit a small spring influenced river when other area rivers are locked up in ice. Learn how to identify these winter fishing hot spots.


KayakBassFishing says:

I made the shakey heads with Do-It Molds. It’s not that tough to get into
and it saves you money if you have a style you really like and use a bunch.

Tracy L says:

Why do you call it Spring time fishing? Is that because of the quality of
bite? You dont have to remind us ice fisherman how well largemouth DO bite
in the coldest water once you figure them out each trip 😉 just kidding,
great video. Very thorough! Molds are a must for us river guys! Those
aluminum molds look alot nicer than my bondo molds!

KayakBassFishing says:

The long versions of these videos are at
tightlinejunkiejournal.pivotshare.com. Thanks for the interest.

reaper13av says:

What camera are you using.. and is it water proof or in a case? Awesome

David Hill says:

Where did you move you videos to? I’m thinking about subscribing. 

Brian Huff says:

i cant imagine fishing in a kayak in water that cold have you have fell in
……?? I am afraid to take out my 14 ft boat in water below 40 degrees

Brian Wallenius BTWFishing says:

Always enjoy your videos. Nice fish.

Cody S says:

Nice fish! I subbed! I would appreciate if you checked out my channel! Keep
up the great videos!

acut24 says:

you molded those shaky heads or were they something you can buy?

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