Catching Shad, Stripers, Using Your Fish Finder!

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How do you find live bait? This video shows how to find bait using your electronics, where to find stripers, and how to catch them. March 20 Kerr Lake, NC/VA. 2012 Creek Fishing


TheKittyboy123 says:

what is the make of the accurate conventional reel, thats some nice gear!

Mary Mayfield says:

Thanks for sharing this ..I live on lewis smith lake In alabama and we have some giant striper In the lake 48 LBS Plus ..the water Is Deep but lots of stripe, be safe and god bless

Mike Smedley says:

From shore your best bet is to fish cut bait on points. Net shad or maybe buy some – Live large bass minnows are good too. there are some GIANT Cats in there too.

FutureGamingMasters says:

Hey great video I am going to the southern shores of Kerr lake could you tell me what fish I could catch? Maybe stripers or bass or something of that sort and I would be fishing from shore

Mike Smedley says:

Yes Sir, this is on Kerr Lake, Buggs Island. NC Va border.FRESH WATER

Ivan2JLeybag says:

Is This Salt Or Fresh Water

Mike Smedley says:

Yep, that’s all we use. I have had them since 2007 and they still feel like they are right out of the box, I will be leaving these to my Grand kids! Get a few-YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

zingman56 says:

Are those accurate reels?? If so that’s amazing! I want one so bad.. I only have avet… Anyways nice fish

Mike Smedley says:


Dalton Pettway says:

what net is that

Kidzfishing says:

I love stripper fishing, i live right on the mouth of the merrimack river! I subed you, if you like my videos please subback! Thanks tightlines

nwms8 says:

Awesome video! Would you be kind enough to tell me what boat you have and how long it is? That looks like the size I am looking for 🙂 Much appreciated.

alrozz says:

I fished for Stripes this year March 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 and they wore me out. I used a Rattle Trap and the biggest was near 20 lbs. Talk about fun, if any fisherman has not fished for Striped Bass when their running, your missing out. The Chattahoochee River in Columbus, Georgia has some of the greatest fishing especially when the White Bass are running. The game warden was checking everybody out including me and I had one over 22 inches…the limit is two over 22 inches in GA.

Mike Smedley says:

Thanks doctorx, Accurate 400 Boss Xtreme.

doctorxring says:

Excellent video, especially the part on zeroing in on bait with the side scan and then dropping the net on them. What kind of bait cast reels do you use ?

Mike Smedley says:

We got the bait right around the corner from longeood ramp in the second beaver pond, not the beaver pond near the mouth of grassy. We caught the fish right across from the ramp at longwood along the far bank, all within 1000yard stretch. Thanks for the comment! -Mike.

wsadcock says:

Very nicely done video. I am not sure if I have ever commented on a video before and it may be because you are fishing Kerr Lake 😉 but extremely well done. Dang that simrad is bad! I saw the bridge in the background and I usually recognize where someone might be. This didn’t look like the bridges in butchers at least I don’t think so. Whats real confusing is it don’t look like many leaves on the trees on the bank and the upload date is March 20th, I guess you’re up river? above Clarksville?

hotrodmcspoonjr says:

so your a guide right? i cant get my dad off stripers, sandies, and hybrids… i can barely get him to go bass fishing lol

cfwegman says:

Gotta love that side scan

John Easton says:

Great video!

Mike Smedley says:

Thanks Man!!

Mike Smedley says:

Thanks , lets go fishing!

jaybee006 says:

Thanks, Mike. As always, great video. Do you know of anybody who needs a kidney? I think I’ll sell one of mine and buy that Simrad set-up like yours!

oceannavagator says:

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