TagTeaming Huge Crappie HD – Uncut Angling – January 12, 2013

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This is the previously published “TagTeaming Huge Crappie” in a polished and HD version – Aaron joins up with Mike Schamber to hunt down winter black crappies. They work together to drill tonnes of holes and team fish the same ice hole to quickly sort through schools of crappie with big baits to target true trophy slabs.


Mitch Bradshaw says:

Great video, love to see the C&R with those big Black Crappies!

gered lang says:

How old are 15-16 inch crappies around the ice belt? By the way nice catch!

uncutangling says:

We now use Humminbird flashers…admittedly, both companies make great units and remember – fishermen catch fish, brands do not.

In the last 10 years, Humminbird has pushed fishing into the future like no other company. Humminbird was very accommodating with our Marcum ties and didn’t pressure us to switch, which was very refreshing from the way things work in this game. We were eager to switch for current and future design reasons…

MichiganAngler says:

Marcum flasher, but proudly with humminbird

uncutangling says:


uncutangling says:

Yup! The TV schedule requires the pre-recording…we will back on the current scene by March.

gered lang says:

Will you ever make current uncut videos? I mean you guys must pre record a lot of videos huh.

IronPriest82 says:

Any reason for Hava Nagila?

Clint Jones says:

Man i’d be keeping them slabs!

KYoutdoors21 says:

Absolute monster crappie! Excellent job!

NateDogg886 says:

It says in the description…..polished in HD…

Alan Case says:

Love the music.

JohnnyG105 says:

Even better in HD!

lH lP says:

This is last years uncut angling? I remember what was said when i watched it the first time.. why the re-upload? 🙂 either way, it’s still really fun to watch!

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