The Best Small Mouth Bass Fishing In The Whole World

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Best Small Mouth Bass Fishing In The World, lots of large bass! caught in the great lakes!


ProFishermanJones says:

The one in the video is 7’2

WIbassangler says:

What is the length of the Legend Tournament?

ProFishermanJones says:

5lber while wading sure would be fun! awesome man you will love your go pro i look forward to seeing some videos

John Foundas says:

Almost 5 lbs on a tiny torpedo wading the South Branch of the Potomac in West Virginia. . I’m new on here and just got a Go Pro. Hope to have some uploads soon. Check back later.

ProFishermanJones says:

Those sure do ring a bell from when ever i hear people talk about smallmouth fishing! Whats your biggest smallie?!? thanks for the message John.

John Foundas says:

Nice smallies man !! I’m on the east coast . Our rivers offer some nice smallmouth action,
Upper Potomac, Shenandoah, Susquehanna , New , to name a few.

Joe Dirt says:

Definately will! and if u make a vid could u put include which baits are best at which time of year

ProFishermanJones says:

YES!! this is what i need to do, i don’t know how long it will take before i can get one made, but keep subscribed and it will be there!! i want to make a bunch of different ROD and TACKLE videos, small drops are my favourite to fish! really sucks that i haven’t been able to target any this fall as they are huge this time of year over here! thanks

Joe Dirt says:

hey man would really like to see a tackle video from you! what ur favorite smallie baits are, would be really apreciated man, and subbed!!

ProFishermanJones says:

Lake St.Clair, Ontario, Canada.

SMFishing4Life says:

Where is this???

pikstermaster says:

Where was this?

nick miller says:

nice catch at 2:33

FIRSTCASTfishin says:

keep it up boys

Misercz says:

What if shark comes..? 

wors t says:

close your eyes and listen from 1:14

wors t says:

is that the chest mount

fishingsurfing says:

Nice!!! GoPros are awesome for fishing, yo can get the reeling in and the release underwater! I have some releases in my videos with a gopro underwater too

xBassBro says:

What lake is this?
Looks like Mead

jbedra12 says:

St Clair? My best day is 258 smallies in 11 hours

Austin Joseph says:

what lake?

ProFishermanJones says:

i was using straight braid, i tryed using braid and a 12 inch or so clear low lb leader with good knots and i hooked into a BIG smallmouth and it broke me off at the clear line. so from now on for the fact of not loseing big fish i use straight braid and havent noticed any difference in the fish bite.

SuperCanuck101 says:

Were u using strait braid or did u have a leader ?

ProFishermanJones says:

Thanks man

ProFishermanJones says:

abu garcia makes some quality products!

ProFishermanJones says:

The bait we where using was a 4″ coffee tube.

ProFishermanJones says:

Thats true man! bronze backs are sure fighters and stay deep!

ProFishermanJones says:

Thanks man, some of the nicest smallmouths ive seen out of the lake!

ProFishermanJones says:

Not good man, and im not sure.

ProFishermanJones says:

Lake St Clair.

ProFishermanJones says:

Sorry man i had to remove the audio track that i had originaly on the video. thanks for the kind words and i will take note for next time.

leadfeet31 says:

beautiful fish and recording! what’s up w/the audio?

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